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Main Courthouse, 1500 Court Street, Room 205, Redding CA 96001 -  Map
Office Hours:8:00 AM noon and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

(530) 245-6761
(530) 999-2382 Fax


Executive Management Team

Melissa Fowler-Bradley, Court Executive Officer

Lisa Jenkins, Interim Assistant CEO

Cody Jones, General Counsel

Edward Vargas Lara, Court Technology Officer

Linda Richardson, Civil Division Manager

Nikki DeArmond, Criminal Division Manager

Janelle Vargo, Courtroom Services Manager

Drew Lund, Finance Division Manager

Anita Des Rochers, Human Resources Manager

Timothy Van Schooten, Probate/Family Court Services Manager

Judicial Officers

Honorable Stephen H. Baker

Honorable Jody M. Burgess

Honorable Cara Beatty

Honorable John Berglund, Commissioner

Honorable Molly Bigelow

Honorable Daniel E. Flynn

Honorable Gary G. Gibson

Honorable Daryl Kennedy

Honorable Monique McKee, Presiding Judge

Honorable Adam B. Ryan, Assistant Presiding Judge

Honorable Summer Ryan

Honorable Nannette J. Stomberg, Commissioner

Honorable Tammy Wood

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