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Main Courthouse, 1500 Court Street, Room 202, Redding CA 96001
(530) 225-5698


Court Reporter Claim Submission

To receive payment for transcripts or per diem the Court Reporter shall submit a claim form printed on green paper containing the below information with attachments, if any.

  • Court Reporter name and address
  • Amount, account numbers and description
  • Documentation of fees for transcripts
  • Authority for number of transcripts ordered
  • Proof of word/folio count


  • The method for documenting folios is to write and initial on the docket, minute order, or appeal memo the breakdown of your word count.
  • If you receive a minute order for one date, write and initial in the margin of that minute order the total words from your word count and attach that minute order to your claim.
  • For appeals, write and initial on the memo we receive from appeals the breakdown by date of the word count, then the total of all dates added up, and the rate charged so that someone looking at that document can see how you arrived at the amount you are billing. If you merge multiple dates into one file and count that file, indicate on that memo the dates that are included within that file you are performing the word count on.

Transcript Claim Reporting Example
Transcript Claim Reporting Form
Transcript Claim Reporting Form - 2021
Court Reporter Telephone Directory
Main office530-225-5698
Todd Coleman530-245-6976
Kaitlyn Fox, Supervisor530-225-5698
Kimberly Johnson530-225-5699
Katelyn Justice530-225-5291
Monica Schoonover530-225-5250
Sidney Semograd530-245-6975
Sue Smedley530-225-5447
How to obtain a transcript?

Court transcripts are prepared by the individual reporter who reported the proceeding. If you would like to order a transcript, the following information will need to be obtained from the Clerk’s Office before contacting the Court Reporter’s Office. The phone number to the Criminal Clerk’s office is 530-245-6789.

  • The full name of the case (in a criminal case: People vs. First name, middle name, last name);
  • The case number;
  • The date(s) of the actual hearing(s) you want transcribed;
  • The name of the judge who heard the case;
  • The names of the attorneys present (if known);
  • The name of the Court Reporter who reported the proceedings;

Once this information is obtained, contact the Court Reporter who reported the proceedings. Phone numbers are listed in the Directory below. If the name is not listed, call the main office number. Please leave a message if you get voice mail and provide the reporter all of the above listed information, including your name and a contact phone number. The Court Reporter may be in court but will return your call as soon as possible.

There is a charge for production of transcripts. The amount charged is set by the Government Code, and the total amount is determined based upon the length of the proceeding. The estimated cost of the transcript will have to be deposited with the Court Reporter before the proceedings are transcribed.

Normally, it takes three weeks after lodging the deposit to prepare the transcript. It may take longer, depending on the length of the proceeding to be transcribed and the workload of the Court Reporter.

Civil, Family Law, Probate, other cases besides felony criminal and juvenile. If a Reporter was present to report a civil or family law or probate matter, that Reporter would have been privately retained by one of the parties to the matter. The minute order may contain the name of the private Reporter who reported the case. Staff Court Reporters listed in the directory below only report felony, juvenile, LPS, and termination of parental rights cases.

Shasta County Superior Court Notice of Availability of Official Reporting Services

The following courtrooms will normally use a Certified Shorthand Reporter as set forth below:

Department 1All felony and juvenile matters, or as otherwise directed by the Court
Department 2All felony and juvenile matters, or as otherwise directed by the Court
Department 3All felony and juvenile matters
Department 4All felony and juvenile matters
Department 5No reporter supplied unless directed by the Court
Department 6No reporter supplied unless directed by the Court
Department 7All felony and juvenile matters
Department 8All felony and juvenile matters
Department 9All felony and juvenile matters
Department 10All felony and juvenile matters
Department 11All juvenile matters
Department 12No reporter supplied unless directed by the Court
Juvenile HallAll juvenile matters

Note: Court reporters are provided pursuant to Government Code
Section 70045.9 and Local Rule of Court 2.06. Parties requesting a
court reporter in civil matters or criminal infraction or misdemeanor
matters will be assessed a fee pursuant to California Rule of Court 892
or may choose to provide one at their own expense.

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