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Joel Northrup, Marshal

Mission Statement

The Shasta County Marshal's Office is the law enforcement arm of the Superior Court.

It is our mission to provide a safe environment for all court proceedings; to protect the dignity of court proceedings; to provide a safe and secure building for all who enter; and to enforce court orders, including warrants of arrest.

It is our mission to provide safe, secure and timely transportation for incarcerated defendants to and from the courts.

It is our mission to provide prompt, efficient and impartial service to the courts and the citizens of Shasta County; and to assist other law enforcement agencies as needed.


Core Values

Service - We will provide law enforcement service to the courts and the community with impartiality and enthusiasm.

Integrity - We will be honest, ethical and at all times above reproach. We will be held accountable for our actions, both good and bad.

Excellence - We are the best at what we do. We are considered leaders and models in the area of court security and we shall always strive to be innovative in our field and to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Respect - We will respect all individuals. We will recognize the dignity of all persons and celebrate diversity, and will provide fair and equal treatment to all.

Commitment - We are committed to the Superior Court and to the community we serve. We will show this commitment by fair, impartial and vigorous delivery of law enforcement services to all.

Honor - We are honorable professionals engaged in an honorable profession. We will uphold that honor in all we do by adhering to these Core Values as well as the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and generally recognized standards of conduct.

Joel Northrup, Marshal


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Shasta County Marshal's Office


Business Hours

1500 Court St., Room 206
Redding, CA 96001
Located in the Courthouse

(530) 225-5600 General Info

8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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