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The Superior Court of California, County of Shasta, shall serve the public and provide an impartial forum for the resolution of civil disputes and criminal matters. We strive to provide equal access to justice in an expeditious and timely manner. We will do so with equality and integrity and in an independent manner, remaining responsive to those we serve and accountable to the rules of law. We will strive to gain public confidence and trust and to maintain such confidence and trust.

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NOTICE: EMAIL SERVICE RESTORED IN THE FAMILY LAW FACILITATOR’S OFFICE--Beginning Monday, July 28, 2014, email service is restored in the Family Law Facilitator’s Office and Self Help Center for self-represented litigants who have family-law questions. To send an email question, go to the Court’s website ( --> click on the link for “Contact Us” --> scroll down to and click on the Family Law Facilitator/Self Help Center link --> read our disclosure and email your question. Responses can be expected within two business days.


NOTICE: Burney Branch Court Closure - Re: Important Notice - Burney Branch Court Closure, Service Hours Reduction.


NOTICE: RFP 2014-01 Notice of Intent to Award - Re: Shasta Dependency Representation -- RFP NO. 2014-01.


NOTICE: RFP 2014-02 Notice of Intent to Award - Re: Court Collections/Financial Consultant -- RFP NO. 2014-02.


NOTICE: Partial Reopening of Family Law Facilitator's Office: For self-represented litigants who have family-law questions, the telephone hotline (530-245-6900) will be open on Tuesday mornings from 7:30 a.m. to noon and from 8:00 a.m. to noon on Wednesday mornings, beginning July 15, 2014. If you reach the voicemail message during hotline hours, staff are on the telephone assisting other customers. Keep hitting “redial” during hotline hours to receive assistance from the first-available clerk.


NOTICE: Due to budget cuts, the Family Law Facilitator's Office and Self Help Center will be closed for restructuring beginning Monday, June 30, 2014, for approximately four weeks. No services will be offered during this time of closure. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you when we reopen. Please stay tuned for further notices regarding dates for reopening and services that will be offered in the new format.


NOTICE: RFP 2014-02 Court Collections/Financial Consultant - Re: Court Collections/Financial Consultant for RFP NO. 2014-02 with added attachments.


NOTICE: RFP 2014-01 Questions and Responses - Re: Questions and Responses for RFP NO. 2014-01 - Shasta Dependency Representation.


NOTICE: Shasta Dependency Representation - Re: REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. 2014-01-Shasta Dependency Representation.


NOTICE: Beginning the week of April 14, 2014, Department One will be making a calendar change.


NOTICE: Notice of New Civil Fee effective January 1,2014. Shortcut to Fee Schedule.


NOTICE: Notice of Civil Fee Increases. Shortcut to Fee Schedule.


NOTICE: Beginning January 7, 2013, all Civil Harassment, Elder Abuse and Workplace Violence emergency temporary order hearings will be heard at 1:15 p.m. in Department 6.


NOTICE: Effective, September 17, 2012, the statute related to the advance jury fee deposit was amended.


NOTICE: Effective August 13, 2012, Reduction in Criminal and Civil office hours.

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