Superior Court of California - County of Shasta


Local Forms

IS-000Local Forms - Renumbered
IS-001The Eviction Process
IS-002The Eviction Process - Defendant Information
IS-003Information re Declaration of Disclosure
IS-004Rules for Filing Papers
IS-008Petition for Marriage Dissolution, Legal Separation or Nullity
CF-055Copy/Research Request Form
LF-ADP-100Petition for Birth Record Information
LF-ADP-101Adult Adoption Agreement
LF-ADP-102Adult Adoption Petition
LF-ADP-103Adult Adoption - Consent of Spouse of Adoptee
LF-ADP-104Order of Adoption
LF-ADP-105Adult Adoption Consent (Spouse Adopting)
LF-APL-100Notice of Appeal - Civil Limited
LF-APL-101Notice of Appeal - Parking
LF-APL-102Notice of Abandonment of Appeal-Lower Court
LF-CIV-100Notice of 1) All Purpose Assignment, 2) Mandatory Settlement Conference and 3) Trial
LF-CIV-101Notice - Collections Case
LF-CIV-103Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Information Package
LF-CRM-100Claim for Payment by Court-Appointed Counsel
LF-CRM-101Order for Payment of Attorney's Fees and Costs
LF-CRM-102Verification of Qualifications of Lead Counsel - Capital Cases
LF-CRM-103Verification of Qualifications for Associate Counsel
LF-CRM-104Verification of Alternate Qualifications of Counsel
LF-CRM-105Declaration in Support of Order to Transfer Probation
LF-FAM-100Family Law At-Issue Memorandum
LF-FAM-101Declaration of Notice for Emergency Temporary Order
LF-FAM-103Notice of Assigment - Family Law - Commissioner
LF-FAM-104Notice of Assignment - Family Law
LF-JUV-100Address change for dependency cases
LF-JUV-101Certification of Attorney Competency
LF-MSC-100Sister State Judgment
LF-MSC-101Bench Warrant Identification Sheet
LF-MSC-102Decl re Notice of Ex Parte Application for Temporary Order non-family law
LF-MSC-103Request and Order for Return of Exhibits-Records
LF-PRB-100Conservatorship Care Plan
LF-PRB-101Order Appointing Court Investigator
LF-PRB-102Affidavit Under California Probate Code Section 13101
LF-PRB-103Notice of Assignment-Probate
LF-SCL-100Stipulation for Entry of Judgment [Small Claims] Plaintiff's Claim
LF-SCL-101Stipulation for Entry of Judgment [Small Claims] Cross-Claim
LF-SCL-102Declaration & Order Satisfaction of Judgment
LF-SCL-103Order on Change of Venue
LF-TRF-100Application for Order for Rehearing-Modification-Set Aside Order of Juvenile Traffic Hrg Officer
LF-UD-100Application for Posting Order - UD
LF-UD-101Posting Order UD
LF-UD-102Notice of Case Management Conference - UD

All other forms

All other forms are available at California Courts Self Help Center.

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