Warrant Service

The Shasta County Marshal's Office has a proud tradition of serving warrants of arrest issued by the courts. Several times a week, deputies will go into the community and seek out those persons who have failed to appear in court, failed to pay their fine, failed to complete court ordered programs or otherwise did not take care of their court business. These persons, when found, are either handcuffed and taken to jail or issued a citation with a new court date, depending on the circumstances. The violations involved can range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. Violators run the gamut from the person who has had very little law enforcement contact to hard core criminals with multiple and often violent felonies in their past history.

This assignment is viewed by many deputies as very desirable, giving them a chance to go into the community and perform a needed service. While out serving warrants, deputies may also stop traffic violators and issue citations. They may also assist other law enforcement agencies with traffic control, evacuations, search and rescue as well as other general duties as needed.