Perimeter Security

The Perimeter Security Division of the Shasta County Marshal's Office consists mainly of the airport style weapon screening station located at the front entrance of the courthouse. All citizens who have business within the courthouse must enter through this system, which is designed to detect weapons and contraband. The weapon screening station was made operative in July of 1999, when an order was signed by the presiding judge mandating that all persons who enter the courthouse must come through the front entrance and be screened for weapons. The screening is considered an administrative search; as such, any person may refuse to be screened. However, any person who does refuse to submit to the screening process will be denied admittance to the courthouse. The court order, which put weapon screening into place, was amended in September of 2001 to further specify that all persons exiting the courthouse must do so through the front entrance except during an emergency. A copy of this order is posted at the front entrance of the courthouse.

Deputies assigned to this division also patrol the area immediately outside of the courthouse as well as the interior hallways. Public Safety Service Officers, who are non-sworn uniformed employees, operate the x-ray machine and provide dispatch services.