Message From the Marshal

Hello, and welcome to the official website of the Shasta County Marshal's Office. I'm sure you will find this site useful as you explore the pages we have set up.

The Shasta County Marshal's Office functions as the law enforcement arm of the Superior Court of California, County of Shasta. My deputies provide bailiff services to the judges, serve warrants of arrest, provide building security and perform general law enforcement duties within the county. We are full California peace officers, having the same statewide authority as city police officers and county deputy sheriffs, as defined by section 830.1 of the California Penal Code.

Employees of the Marshal's Office work Monday through Friday, with weekends and most holidays off. This is a very family friendly schedule, as there is neither swing nor graveyard shifts. Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with some minor variations. Many of the deputies and non-sworn employees sought employment with this office due to the stable schedule, the indoor work environment and the chance to work within the court system. For information on joining our team, please visit the Human Resources page of the Superior Court of California, County of Shasta website.

Joel Northrup, Marshal