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Finance Division personnel administer the budgeting, payroll, purchasing, and accounting functions of the court. The Finance Division does not handle any collections, calendaring, or courtroom functions.


Main Courthouse, 1500 Court Street, Room 201, Redding CA 96001 -  Map
Office Hours:8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
(530) 245-6741
(530) 605-2793 Fax


Accounts Payable

All bills to be paid by any division of the court should be directed to the Finance Division in Room 201 of the courthouse. Included in this category are utility bills and bills for general services or supplies. If you have any questions about a bill or its payment status contact the finance department at the phone number on the top of this page.


All purchasing for the court is handled through the Finance Division. This includes all general purchasing of supplies and issuing purchase requisitions or purchase orders as needed. Questions about supplies or purchasing should be directed to the procurement officer at the finance department phone number on the top of this page.

Victim Restitution

After a defendant has been ordered to pay victim restitution, Shasta County Superior Court will collect this money and distribute to the victim(s). If the defendant has paid by check, a 30-day hold is placed on this money. If more than one victim, the court will distribute the payment based on the percentage of total due each victim. The finance division of the court will prepare a claim to the Shasta County Auditor for release of these funds. If you have any questions about Victim Restitution, call (530) 229-8250.


There are various reasons a refund may be made by Shasta County Superior Court, such as a case being dismissed, the fine reduced by the judge or an overpayment is made on an account. If the payment was made with a check, a 30-day hold is placed on this money. The finance division of the court will prepare a claim to the Shasta County Auditor for release of these funds. If you have any questions about a refund, call (530) 229-8250.

Indigent Defense Claims

These claims are presented by court appointed attorneys. Each attorney may present a billing for services rendered as detailed in the Local Rules Of Court, Section 13.04, and Appendix "B." Each case should be presented as a separate claim, with the original of each appropriate attachment. It is only necessary to present one original of each document per claim, except in homicide cases, where the original and one copy are required.

Unless the attorney is appointed on a Family Law (FC3150) case or Juvenile Dependency (W&I300) case, the claim should be presented on the Shasta County green printed Form. No. 103A, available at the Shasta County Auditor's office. Portions of that County form are reproduced immediately below, with some notes to help the preparerer. If the claim is for representation on a Family Law or Dependency case, use the green paper Superior Court claim form available from the Court Finance Division, in Room 201 at the courthouse. A sample of the Superior Court form is shown below the County form.

All claims should be sent to the Superior Court, 1500 Court Street, Redding, 96001, for review and approval.

Shasta County Form Authorization for Release of Funds
$$$$.$$ 20300 SMITH 99F999999
  1. Account # 034828 is for attorney fees in most cases
  2. Account # 034800 is for most investigators and expert witnesses
The following is a sample for the lower portion of the claim form:
This is for payment of indigent defense fees in the case of John Doe Smith,
99 F 99999, per appointment on June 29, 1999, in Dept. 2 of the Superior Court.
See the attached Declaration, Invoices, Receipts, Schedule of services and Order.

Superior Court Claim For Payment
For representation in Family Law or Juvenile dependency cases,
the form should contain the following information.

The following is a sample for the lower portion of the claim form:
AMOUNT GL Acct Cost Ctr PECT. Fund Description Inv#
  •  • 4566000 110001 SMITH 99F999999 [blank]
    Family Law (3150)
  1. Use P.E.C.T. #1231
  2. • GL Acct # 938803 is for attorney expense
  3. • GL Acct # 939001 is for investigative work
  4. • GL Acct # 939002 is for psych regulations
  5. • GL Acct # Acct # 939003 is for ct ord prof services
    Juvenile Dependency (300)
  1. Use P.E.C.T. #1233
  2. • GL Acct # 938801 is for representing a minor
  3. • GL Acct # 938802 is for representing a parent
  4. • GL Acct # GL Acct # 939003 is for other professional services

The Description box should only have the surname of the client and the case number. Use the Explanation of Expense area for a brief description of such things as the client's full name, the Department Number, and the judge hearing the case.

Don't forget to sign and date the claim form and your declaration.
Don't forget your expense receipts, invoices, and an order for the judge to sign authorizing your payment. If it is a criminal case on the County claim form, your Order for Payment should direct payment by the Auditor of Shasta County. For Family Law and Dependency cases, the Order should direct payment by the Shasta County Superior Court.

Taxpayer Identification Number Request

If you receive a letter requesting information on Form W-9, please comply. Legislation enacted January 1, 2001, requires the Shasta County Superior Court to report specific information to the Employment Development Department (EDD) on Independent Contractors.

We are also required to file an information return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Franchise Tax Board (FTB), annually reporting certain types of payments.

In order for us to comply, Independent Contractors must complete the requested information on Form W-9 as issued by the Internal Revenue Service. Include your name and Social Security number as it appears on your Social Security Card and your Federal Tax Identification Number if one has been assigned. Please include your physical address, do not submit a Post Office Box Number as an address.

Failure to comply could result in the non-processing of payment.

Please submit the requested information to the following address.

Shasta County Superior Court
Finance Division
1500 Court St, Room 201
Redding, CA 96001

If you have any questions about this program, contact the person referred to in the letter.

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